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Sparkling water

Drink all the water you want and preserving the environment.

Cold, sparkling water at home or in the office.
No more problems with transportation and stocking of bottles. No more plastic pollution.

Water is one of the most precious natural resources of the planet and it is a fundamental requirement of the human body (Our bodies are 80% water).
The water we drink must be pure, fresh and rich in minerals, especially if we consider that each person drinks about 400 litres a year. 
Our carbonators offer an alternative to the disadvantages of drinking bottled water:cost, transportation, low quality of the water and the plastic bottle’s impact on environmental pollution

Water dispenser suitable for professional use directly connected to the mains, ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants and catering.
It provides cold, room temperature and carbonated water / sparkling water.

Ice bank technology.
The revolution of Sodabulters is the elimination of stored water; the direct cooling system represent the solution to the ageing of the accumulation of water.
Our Sodabutlers are direct cooling and use AISI 316 L stainless steel coils for the best sparkling water on the market.

Added value.
Sparkling water is produced through the use of a carbonator, designed and produced by our engineers paying special attention to details. 
Our experience and know-how acquired over the years also offer other more economic carbonation systems, with instant mixing.

Leading technology.
It is possible to achieve a reasonable level of carbonation, at least to the level of pétillant or frizzante, adding interest to still ciders and wines. This gentle carbonation can enhance bouquet and flavours and add value to your products without the large investment involved in a counter-pressure filling system. This is also a the ideal solution for water & soda makers wishing to test the market for carbonated products.

  • One of our customer, REXAM -  the world's second largest consumer packaging group and the world's leading beverage can maker, have our Sodabutler Sottobanco in their production line in Sweden.
  • Radisson Hotel in Stockholm is another customer who have choice our solution

 - Enjoy the world of sparkling water -



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